Your car is usually your second most expensive investment, sometimes the most. Whether you are looking for regular maintenance or a full detail, OCD has a service tailored to suit your needs.

Please note prices "from" are dependent on a vehicles size and condition.


These services will greatly enhance the look and feel of your vehicle, whilst making your vehicle easier to maintain with a highly hydrophobic coating. After the initial wash process the vehicle paintwork is decontaminated, chemically and by claying which will extract the embedded contaminates not otherwise removed from normal washing. Once the decontamination process is completed, the vehicle is then put through a paint correction process (machine polishing). This will remove approximately 60-95% of the swirl marks and light scratches (depending on level of correction chosen) which will greatly enhance the overall condition and appearance of the paintwork. Following on from the paint correction stages the vehicle will receive a ‘ceramic coating’.


The interior may also be cleaned and all leather surfaces conditioned and protected from transfer dye.


New Car Preparations are often overlooked. You see a brand new car and think "Surely there can't be anything wrong with it".

Although you’re likely to be offered the in-house ‘paint protection packages’ with “5 years protection”, “no more polishing” and other such big claims, in reality, they offer poor value for money. These products are often applied incorrectly and over poorly prepared paint finishes as the in-house valet team are given strict timescales with minimal training on how to correctly prepare and protect your newly purchased pride and joy.


A mobile valeting service provides a hassle free and thorough service at your home or work. Our fully kitted out mobile van contains its own purified water and power supply for complete convenience (mains power preferred but not essential).


We can’t sell your car for you, but we can help you sell it by carrying out a pre-sale valet/detail for you.

This will certainly increase the value of your car and will make your car stand out from others. If you are buying a used car and want to enhance the car’s appearance then some TLC will bring it back to something close to “new” again.


After your home, typically your vehicle(s) is your next largest expenditure. Preserve your investment with a regular maintenance detail. To get the best finish we use our own supplied purified water which takes all the hardness and minerals out and aids us to give your vehicle a superior finish with no water spots. To see more of how we maintain your vehicle check out our YouTube channel.

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As well as cleaning the exterior and interior of your car, you may be looking to have your engine bay cleaned or headlights restored.

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