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New Car Preparations are often overlooked. You see a brand new car and think "Surely there can't be anything wrong with it".

You're more than likely going to be offered "paint protection" packages when buying a new car. Unfortunately, these services are carried out by poorly trained in house valeters working to strict timescales, using below par products. The price of these services can be very similar to having the work carried out by a professional detailer. A detailer that has spend time and money learning to properly prep a car and apply much more superior products.

As well as this your car is likely to have been washed before it gets to you. It is very rare that we see BRAND NEW cars without defects.

You can even have your car delivered to us, so that it is protected before it touches the roads!

What's involved?
  • Transportation materials removed

  • Alloy wheels and tyres are thoroughly cleaned using a non acidic wheel cleaner. Wheels are then further decontaminated

  • Full extensive safe wash process of all exterior surfaces

  • Three stage decontamination takes place. Tar removal, iron fallout removal followed by clay barring

  • Rinsed again and then air blown dry

  • A single stage machine polish to enhance gloss levels and remove surface defects like marring and swirling

  • A final wipe down with a dedicated panel wipe to remove any polish residues and provide a clean surface for coatings to bond to

  • At this point the chosen coatings are applied

The following pricing includes the prep work as described above and is based on a small car, vehicle size may increase the final price.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Black treatment (1 layer of Crystal Serum Light and 2 layers of EXOV4 - 5 years paint protection): £600


Windscreen and all exterior glass: +£50

Wheels: Wheel faces only +£50

               Wheels removed and all surfaces covered +£150

Leather or fabric seats: +£50

Dashboard, Doorcards, Carpets: +£60

Total surface protection package: All of the above bolt ons at a discounted rate + free of charge applications to the Exhaust, engine plastics, headlights and rear lights:

Wheel faces only: +£175

Wheels of + all surfaces +£255.

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