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Correction & Protection

These services will greatly enhance the look and feel of your vehicle, whilst making your vehicle easier to maintain with a highly hydrophobic coating. After the initial wash process the vehicle paintwork is decontaminated, chemically and by claying which will extract the embedded contaminates not otherwise removed from normal washing. Once the decontamination process is completed, the vehicle is then put through a paint correction process (machine polishing). This will remove approximately 60-95% of the swirl marks and light scratches (depending on level of correction chosen) which will greatly enhance the overall condition and appearance of the paintwork. Following on from the paint correction stages the vehicle will receive a ‘ceramic coating’.


The interior may also be cleaned and all leather surfaces conditioned and protected from transfer dye.


Point Blur_Dec302018_185601-01.jpeg

Gloss enhancement detail - From £250

The enhancement detail is a thorough wash and decontamination followed by a single stage machine polish using a light compound and pad. Light swirling and defects will be reduced if not removed. The paint will be left looking sharp and glossy with clear reflections. As standard this service includes an application of wax or sealant to help protect this finish and make future washing much easier.

If you'd like your car to be ceramic coated please look below at the "Protection" options.

Point Blur_Mar172019_175505.jpg

Minor correction detail - From £450

All of my exterior detailing packages involve a thorough wash + decontamination before any machine polishing work is carried out.

With the minor correction detail your car will receive a two stage machine polish. The first stage will be with a medium compound and cutting pad to remove medium swirls and fine scratches. The second stage will be the refining stage, a fine pad and compound to really bring in the gloss levels.

If you'd like your car to be ceramic coated please look below at the "Protection" options.


Correction detail - From £650

The correction detail is designed to remove as many defects physically possible utilizing A 3-4 stage machine polish. This involves a heavy cutting stage, a medium cutting stage, a fine refining stage and an ultra fine refining stage. any defects that are too deep or unsafe to remove will be reduced as far as possible.

If you'd like your car to be ceramic coated please look below at the "Protection" options.


Interior detailing - From £100

The interior of your car is where you'll be spending most of your time, so it only makes sense to keep this in tip top condition. Interior detailing can range from a simple 1 hour vacuum and wipe down, to a really thorough all day detail with cotton buds and a pair of tweezers! to discuss your options please feel free to contact me.

If you'd like the interior to be protected as part of this service, please head over to the "Ceramic Coating + Protection" section of the website.


My go to choice for ceramic coating is Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light, with the option to add Gtechniq Exo v4 over the Crystal Serum Light. Gtechniq coatings offer a superior, durable, chemically bonding coating to help prevent wash induced marring and a range of naturally caused defects.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light 3-5 years protection - From £180

Serum Light forms an ultra- durable, high-gloss, slick to the touch, chemically bonding inorganic layer of 9h optically clear ceramic.  Once applied, gloss levels will remain in the upper 90th percentile for significantly longer when compared to traditional paint protection products, and cleaning your car will be a breeze.

The high density ceramic layer is resistant to chemicals ranging from pH2 - pH12.  This characteristic also makes bonded contaminants such as tree sap, tar, and hard water spots, easy to remove.

Unlike mainstream wax and organic polymer coatings, Serum and Serum Light can resist much higher and lower temperatures.  They resist temperatures as low as -40o to as high as +250°c.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light + EXO 5 years protection - From £250

Known as the CSL Black treatment. Crystal Serum Light topped with two coats of EXO creates the ultimate protection and hydrophobic package.

The ultra-durable CSL as described above creates the ultimate gloss and gloss retention through it's superb resistance to wash swirls, then the two coats of EXO create the ultimate water and dirt repellent.

Below is a video demonstrating the hydrophobic affect of a ceramic coating. I coated this car in January 2019, however the bonnet had to be re sprayed recently. you can clearly see the difference in water behavior on the wings compared to the bonnet.